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Architectural Panel Tapes

3M Architectural Panel Tapes:
3M VHB Tape B90F Black and 3M VHB GPH Tape 160GF Grey

Product Spotlight

Die Cutting and Tape Converting
Die Cutting and Tape Converting

We work with designers from the inception of the product on the drawing board through to the finer details of the application on the production line. This is our strength and where the opportunity to add-value is apparent. Adept has positioned and aligned its business with the largest manufacturer in Australia of Die Cut and converted products.

3M™ VHB RP+ Tapes
3M VHB RP+ Tapes

The 3M VHB Tape RP+ Family is a new permanent bonding solution in the 3M VHB Tape portfolio that can replace traditional mechanical fasteners in many general purpose applications. This solution is a gray, conformable acrylic adhesive that provides immediate handling strength and long-term strength and durability indoors and outside.

3M™ Safety Glasses
3M Safety Glasses

3M offers Safety Glasses that deliver innovation, leading-edge design, advanced optics and lens coatings, unique functionality and distinctive licensed brands that provide our customers with the confidence of being protected and the assurance of looking good.

Stylus High Bond Foam Tapes
Stylus High Bond Foam Tapes

Stylus High Bond Foam Tapes are high performance acrylic foam tape particularly suitable for bonding components with low surface energy. Additionally, good on plastics such as ABS, PVC, PMMA, as well as powder coated metals. Used in the construction, sign making and automotive and electronics industries.

3M Stamark Pavement Marking Tape
3M Stamark Pavement Tape

3M Stamark Pavement Marking Tape has delivered high visibility guidance and improved roadway safety for more than two generations of drivers. The Tape is designed for long-term durability and maximum visibility at intersections, so motorists can react quickly to important roadway messages and information.

3M VHB Tape

These high-strength, double-sided acrylic foam tapes let you quickly and easily create a long-lasting bond that actually builds strength over time. With the ability to join a variety of materials including aluminum, steel, glass, plastics and painted and powder-coated surfaces.

3M VHB Tape Products: Unleashing Superior Bonding Solutions

Experience the Strength and Versatility of 3M VHB Tape

Are you looking for a reliable, high-performance adhesive solution for your most challenging applications? Look no further than 3M VHB Tape.

3M VHB (Very High Bond) Tape is designed to provide an exceptional alternative to traditional mechanical fasteners, delivering unmatched bonding power, flexibility, and durability. Whether you're working in construction, automotive, electronics, or signage, 3M VHB Tape is your go-to solution for a cleaner, stronger bond.

Why Choose 3M VHB Tape?

Explore Our Range of 3M VHB Tape Products

VHB Foam Tapes Range

Experience the versatility and reliability of our VHB Foam Tape. Perfect for various applications, this tape provides strong, durable bonds on various surfaces, including metal, glass, and plastic. Its viscoelastic properties ensure that it absorbs shock and distributes stress evenly, making it ideal for both indoor and outdoor use.

VHB GPH Tapes Range

The VHB GPH (General Purpose High) Range is designed to handle higher temperatures, making it perfect for applications requiring resistance to heat. Whether you're bonding metal panels, signs, or other materials exposed to high temperatures, the VHB GPH Range delivers superior performance and reliability.

VHB RP+ Tapes Range

For an affordable yet high-performing bonding solution, the VHB RP+ Tape is your go-to option. This tape offers reliable adhesion and is suitable for various surfaces, including painted materials, metals, and plastics. It is ideal for less demanding applications where cost-efficiency is crucial without compromising on quality.

VHB Architectural Panel Tapes Range

Enhance your building projects' aesthetic and structural integrity with VHB Architectural Panel Tapes. These tapes are specifically engineered for architectural panels, providing a strong, weather-resistant bond that matches the elements. It is ideal for curtain walls, cladding, and other architectural components, ensuring a clean, sleek finish.

Applications of 3M VHB Tape

Transform Your Bonding Experience with 3M VHB Tape

Choose 3M VHB Tape for your next project and experience the difference that superior bonding technology can make. Contact our team today to find the perfect 3M VHB Tape product for your needs and elevate your bonding solutions to the next level.

3M VHB Tape – The Stronger, Cleaner, and More Efficient Choice.

About Adept Industrial Solutions

With over 30 years of combined knowledge and hands on experience in the market place gives Adept an understanding of our client’s specific needs starting from an idea, concept or design through to the final stages of production and implementation. We are a competitive business aligned with the largest manufacturers of converted products in Australia. This is our core strength and where the opportunity to add value becomes apparent. We work with designers from the inception of the product through to the finer details of the application on the production line. This has the added benefits of labour-saving and waste-reduction. The end result is a high quality product that is more suited to the end user’s requirements and specifications, all at a competitive price the first time - every time.

Why Adept for Die Cutting Products?

Do you purchase tape in roll form and manually cut or shape it to suit your application? Manual conversion of tape typically results in 10% waste, excess labour and longer application time than a converted part. Once a product is Die Cut and converted it is completely suited to that application. The result is immediate savings in reduction of material waste in production and time taken to apply to finished goods. Returns on client’s investment are evident and demonstrated from the first day.


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