3M™ Lane Marking Tapes

Mark your floors with the power of 3M tapes. Floors, walls, or loading docks — whatever you need, we’ve got a tape for the job. From heavy traffic and pallet drag to colors and patterns for pipe marking, our tapes give you power to optimize your workflow any time you need to — while making sure everyone stays safe.

3M PVC Lanemarking Tape
Code: 3M 471 | Category: Lane Marking Tapes
3M 471 PVC Lane Marking Tape

3M Vinyl Tape 471 is commonly used for marking hazards and aisles, color-coding, paint masking, decorative trim, splicing, and more. Made from vinyl backing with rubber adhesive, this versatile tape resists scrapes, wear, and weathering for long lasting use.

3M Hazard Warning Tapes
Code: 3M 766-767 | Category: Lane Marking Tapes
3M 766/767 Hazard Warning Tapes

3M Hazard Marking Vinyl Tape 766 Black/Yellow, and 767 Red/White is vinyl backing with a rubber adhesive, resistant to most common solvents. Used for marking of equipment pinch points or gears for warning purposes, temporary floor marking around equipment. Flexible, abrasion resistant, conformable, wear resistant, maintain colour, easy to apply, versatile, moisture resistant.