Die Cutting & Tape Converting


Why convert?

Do you purchase tape in roll form and manually cut or shape it to suit your application? Manual conversion of tape typically results in 10% waste, excess labour and longer application time than a converted part.Once a product is Die Cut and converted it is completely suited to that application. The result is immediate savings in reduction of material waste in production and time taken to apply to finished goods. Returns on client’s investment are evident and demonstrated from the first day.

Die Cut Terminology



Die cutting and tape converting are processes used in manufacturing to cut materials into specific shapes and sizes, often for use in adhesive applications. These processes are commonly used in automotive, electronics, medical, packaging, and more industries.

Die Cutting

Die cutting involves using a die (a specialised tool) to cut materials such as tapes, films, foams, and other substrates into precise shapes and sizes. The die is typically made of metal and is customised to the desired shape. The material to be cut is placed on a flat surface, and the die is pressed onto it, cutting through the material to create the desired shape.

Tape Converting

Tape converting is a subset of die cutting, specifically focusing on converting adhesive tapes into custom shapes and sizes. This process involves die-cutting adhesive tapes and applying various treatments such as slitting, laminating, and printing to meet specific requirements. Tape converting can produce custom tape components tailored to the needs of different industries and applications.


Die cutting and tape converting have a wide range of applications across various industries, including:



Die cutting and tape converting are essential processes in manufacturing, providing precise and customisable solutions for a wide range of applications. Whether creating custom gaskets for automotive applications or producing specialised medical device components, these processes are crucial in enhancing product performance and efficiency across various industries.