3M™ Custom Printed Tapes

Printed Tapes, Custom Printed Tapes and Labels will protect and add extra security to your packages while also effectively promoting your brand. This includes Stock and Custom Printed Tapes and Labels. Examples of messages on Printed Tapes are for sealing and labelling a variety of packaging products, cardboard cartons, foam and plastic containers, drums, plastic outer liners etc. Printed Tape is available in Polypropylene and PVC material. These high quality labels and tapes have no surface scuffing. Specially laminated and perforated labels to form printed, “tear-off-the-roll” self-adhesive labels.

Custom Printed Tapes
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3M Custom Printed Tapes

Labels are manufactured continuously on a roll with perforation. Perforated labels are easy to unwind and tear and apply, with no paper to peel off.

Customised Printed Tapes
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3M Customised Printed Tapes

Customised Printed Tapes can include company logos, addresses and special messages. A range of adhesive options are available, background colours and a range of widths and lengths. The self-adhesive tapes can be used for a wide range of applications.

Stock Printed Tapes
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3M Stock Printed Tapes

Stock Printed Labels and Tapes are Fragile, This Way Up, Urgent, Security Seal etc. These easy to read warning messages are printed on Polypropylene packaging tape.