3M™ Matic Carton Sealers

3M Matic Carton Sealers

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3M Matic Carton Sealers are reliable and efficient machines designed for automated carton sealing in various packaging operations. These carton sealers feature robust construction, advanced technology, and customizable settings to streamline the carton sealing process. They are compatible with a wide range of carton sizes and types, offering versatility and flexibility for different packaging needs. With their high-speed operation and consistent sealing performance, 3M Matic Carton Sealers help improve productivity and reduce packaging costs.


  • Robust Construction: Built to withstand heavy-duty packaging environments for long-lasting performance.
  • Advanced Technology: Equipped with advanced sealing mechanisms and control systems for precise and reliable carton sealing.
  • Customizable Settings: Adjustable settings for carton size, tape application, and sealing pressure to accommodate different packaging requirements.
  • High-Speed Operation: Capable of sealing a large number of cartons per hour, improving efficiency and throughput.
  • Versatile Compatibility: Compatible with various carton sizes and types, including regular slotted cartons, to offer flexibility in packaging operations.


3M Matic Carton Sealers are suitable for a wide range of packaging applications, including:

  • Manufacturing: Sealing cartons of finished products in manufacturing facilities.
  • Distribution: Sealing cartons for distribution and shipping in warehouses and distribution centers.
  • E-commerce: Sealing cartons for online orders in e-commerce fulfillment centers.
  • Retail: Sealing cartons for display and shipping in retail stores and outlets.

Usage Instructions

  1. Setup: Adjust the machine settings according to the carton size and sealing requirements.
  2. Carton Feeding: Place the cartons on the conveyor system for automatic feeding into the machine.
  3. Sealing: The machine automatically applies tape to the top and bottom flaps of each carton, ensuring secure sealing.
  4. Monitoring: Monitor the machine operation for any issues or errors and perform routine maintenance as needed.


3M Matic Carton Sealers are essential machines for automated carton sealing in packaging operations. With their robust construction, advanced technology, and customizable settings, these carton sealers offer reliable and efficient sealing solutions for a wide range of applications. Whether used in manufacturing, distribution, e-commerce, or retail, 3M Matic Carton Sealers help streamline the packaging process, improve productivity, and ensure the integrity of packaged products during transit and storage.