3M™ EPX Square Green Mixing Nozzle

3M EPX Square Green Mixing Nozzle

Code: 3M EPX-Square-Green / Category: Structural EPX Epoxy Adhesives


The 3M EPX Square Green Mixing Nozzle is designed for use with 3M two-part adhesive cartridges to ensure proper mixing and dispensing of the adhesive. This mixing nozzle features a square shape and a green color for easy identification. It is compatible with various 3M EPX dispensers, providing reliable performance and consistent mixing for adhesive applications.


  • Square Shape: Square-shaped nozzle design ensures thorough mixing of adhesive components.
  • Green Color: Green color for easy identification and compatibility with 3M EPX dispensers.
  • Reliable Performance: Provides consistent mixing and dispensing for accurate application of adhesives.
  • Easy to Use: Designed for simple attachment to 3M two-part adhesive cartridges and EPX dispensers.
  • Versatile Compatibility: Compatible with various 3M EPX dispensers for flexibility in adhesive applications.


The 3M EPX Square Green Mixing Nozzle is suitable for a wide range of adhesive applications, including:

  • Automotive: Bonding of automotive components, panels, and trim.
  • Construction: Bonding of construction materials, such as metal, wood, and composites.
  • Manufacturing: Assembly and bonding of industrial components and products.
  • Repair: Repair and maintenance applications requiring strong and durable bonds.
  • DIY Projects: Various DIY projects and hobbyist applications requiring adhesive bonding.

Usage Instructions

  1. Attachment: Attach the mixing nozzle securely to the 3M two-part adhesive cartridge.
  2. Dispensing: Dispense the adhesive using a compatible 3M EPX dispenser, ensuring proper mixing through the nozzle.
  3. Application: Apply the mixed adhesive to the substrates to be bonded within the working time.
  4. Replacement: Replace the mixing nozzle with a new one for each adhesive application to maintain consistent performance.


The 3M EPX Square Green Mixing Nozzle is an essential component for dispensing and mixing 3M two-part adhesives with precision and accuracy. With its square shape, green color, and compatibility with 3M EPX dispensers, this mixing nozzle ensures reliable performance and consistent mixing for various adhesive applications. Whether it's in automotive, construction, manufacturing, repair, or DIY projects, the 3M EPX Square Green Mixing Nozzle delivers efficient adhesive bonding solutions.