3M™ 90 Spray Hi-Strength Adhesive

3M 90 Spray Hi-Strength Adhesive

Code: 3M 90 / Category: Spray Adhesives


The 3M 90 Spray Hi-Strength Adhesive is a high-performance adhesive designed for bonding a wide range of materials. This spray adhesive provides high-strength bonds and is suitable for use on wood, metal, plastic, foam, fabric, and more. It offers fast, aggressive tack and forms durable bonds that resist heat, moisture, and aging. It is ideal for applications requiring strong, reliable bonds.


  • High Strength: Provides strong, durable bonds for a variety of materials.
  • Fast Tack: Offers fast, aggressive tack for quick bonding.
  • Heat and Moisture Resistance: Resists heat, moisture, and aging for long-lasting bonds.
  • Versatile: Suitable for bonding wood, metal, plastic, foam, fabric, and more.


The 3M 90 Spray Hi-Strength Adhesive is suitable for various bonding applications, including:

  • Woodworking: Bonding wood veneers, laminates, and panels.
  • Automotive: Bonding trim, upholstery, and insulation in automotive repair and refurbishment.
  • Construction: Bonding insulation, panels, and signage in construction projects.
  • General Industrial: Bonding a variety of materials in industrial manufacturing processes.
  • DIY Projects: Repairing and bonding materials in DIY and crafting projects.

Usage Instructions

  1. Surface Preparation: Ensure surfaces are clean, dry, and free from contaminants before applying the adhesive.
  2. Application: Apply the adhesive evenly to one or both surfaces to be bonded.
  3. Bonding: Press surfaces together firmly to achieve maximum bond strength.
  4. Drying Time: Allow the adhesive to dry completely according to the manufacturer's instructions before handling the bonded assembly.


The 3M 90 Spray Hi-Strength Adhesive is a versatile adhesive solution suitable for a wide range of bonding applications. With its high strength, fast tack, heat and moisture resistance, and versatility, this adhesive provides strong and reliable bonding for various materials and substrates. Whether it's in woodworking, automotive, construction, general industrial, or DIY projects, the 3M 90 Spray Hi-Strength Adhesive delivers efficient and effective bonding performance.